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The Best Eye Makeup If You Wear Glasses

There is such a thing as eye makeup that can work wonders for you, that’s if you feel your eyes need help standing out behind those frames. If you wear glasses, you probably wear thick cute frames, that although may look very stylish, they are taking attention away from your peepers. The most popular eye make up that will be sure to make your eyes just pop and shine, is the cat eye liner look. Another awesome makeup look we notice looks great is a light smokey eye with mascara, the big lashes will create a beautiful effect. It depends on how glam you want your look to be, but as you can see a strong lip color will really finish off the look with a bang. But if you aint about all that make up, then curl those lashes apply a voluminous mascara, and a complimenting shadow that will bring out your eyes. Here are different looks we think will inspire you to take some time, and give some of these a try.

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